Information for Installers

Ohio law requires all Manufactured Homes to be installed by an installer who is licensed by the Department of Commerce (except for homeowners installing their own home on privately owned land ). These installers must meet certain experience and educational requirements to become licensed, and must renew their license every two years. Trained, qualified installers adhere to the current installation standards, and thus help ensure the safety of all Manufactured Homes residents.

Homeowner/Installer Agreement or Community Owner/Installer Agreement

When a home is installed on private land, homeowners often try to save money by agreeing to complete a portion of the installation themselves. The Homeowner/Installer agreement specifies who is responsible for each portion of the installation. If an installation is not completed within the timeframe specified by statute, the agreement may be used to determine who is at fault for the violation. Having a signed agreement could save installers hundreds of dollars in fines and penalties.

Installation Notification and Permits

Ohio Revised Code Section 4781.11(D) states that the auditor and treasurer of the county where a home is installed must be notified within 14 days of the installation. Failure to provide this notification has resulted in installers being fined or penalized. The Department of Commerce works with county auditors to verify all notifications have been received as the law requires. Installers should confirm this notification process has been completed.

Before starting installation, an installation permit issued from the inspection authority must be posted on the window of the home. Failure to comply with this requirement could result in fines and penalties.

Become an Installer

To become a Manufactured Homes Installer, you must complete a mandatory 12-hour training course and submit an application to the Ohio Department of Commerce, Ohio Construction Industry Licensing Board (“OCILB”). You must demonstrate your experience in the industry, provide proof of insurance or bond, and provide references. Once received, your application will be reviewed and, if acceptable, you will be issued your 2-year installer license.

For more information about training, visit 180 Degree Education at or 877-669-0766, or the Manufactured Housing Educational Institute Online Training Center at or (703-) 558-0653.

License Renewal

It’s the installer’s responsibility to renew a license prior to the expiration of a current license. The Department of Commerce will send courtesy reminders however, not receiving a reminder is not just cause for not renewing a license on time. Late fees are mandated by state law and will not be waived.

Installers must demonstrate they have completed 8 hours of continuing education in order renew their license. These continuing education courses are provided by training agencies approved by the Department of Commerce – OCILB. Please send an email to for a list of these providers.

Insurance Renewal

Keep track of the insurance renewal dates for both liability and worker’s compensation. If the Department of Commerce does not receive a new insurance certificate by the expiration date, the installer’s license will automatically be placed on inactive status.

Seal Reports

The Seal Report, which is available online, should be reviewed monthly to verify the following items are on it:

  • all permits issued
  • any extensions requested
  • any final inspections completed

It is also strongly recommended that installers verify that all the permits that were issued are permits for which installers have applied. If there are any discrepancies on the report, contact the Inspection Agency that entered the information or the Department of Commerce.

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