License Information for Park Owners / Operators

A license to operate a park expires annually on December 31. The application and payment must be received by the Ohio Department of Commerce by the close of business on December 31, or a 25 percent late penalty will be assessed. This penalty must be paid in full before a license will be renewed. Operating a park in Ohio without a license is a violation of Ohio Revised Code Section 4781.27, and park owners / operators may be subject to fines, penalties or injunctions filed in the local court.

A license to operate is non-transferrable. If purchasing an existing community, a new license to operate must be obtained within 30 days.

A manufactured home dealer license must be obtained if selling or brokering more than five new or used homes in a 12-month period. Leasing or renting to own to another person is equivalent to selling a home.

Homes installed in a community must be done by an installer licensed through the department. Regardless of who owns the home or who is performing the installation or removal, the park operator must notify the department within two business days of any placement or removal of a home, shed, deck or awning.

  • Download the Placement / Removal form here.

Conducting Park Inspections

Agencies were asked to select one of two timeframes to conduct their annual park inspections for the communities in your jurisdiction. If you are not aware of the timeframe selected by your agency, please contact PRIOR to conducting your inspections to verify you are doing so in the correct timeframe.

Communities will be inspected annually by either the local health department, a neighboring health department, a third-party agency or an inspector from the Division of Industrial Compliance. Park owners/operators will have 30 days to correct any violations that are found during the inspection. Life Safety violations discovered during the annual park inspection must be reported by the park operator immediately and to the department within 24 hours.

When marking "other" on the park inspection report, refer to the Ohio Revised Code or Ohio Administrative Code that is being violated, in addition to a description of the violation.

After the corrections have been completed, notify the department by providing photographic evidence or other approved means within 30 days. Refer to the inspection report for acceptable proof of violation correction. Evidence can be sent by:

  • mail to: Ohio Construction Industry Licensing Board
    6606 Tussing Road
    Reynoldsburg, OH 43068
  • fax: (614) 728-1200
  • email to:

The most common violation committed by a park operator is not displaying in a conspicuous place:

  • a license to operate,
  • park rules, and
  • an emergency after-hours phone number.

A conspicuous place is a location that is accessible at all times. For example, a mailbox area, the door to or window of the manager's office, or a sign or display in the common area. If there is an emergency after hours and the office is closed, the emergency number must be accessible.

When the department receives the report noting the corrections, an inspector will follow up with the park and verify all items have been corrected. If a second inspection is needed, the department will contact the park owner / operator.

Invoices must be submitted to the department within 30 days following the end of the inspection period.Invoices must be submitted to the department within 30 days following the end of the inspection period. Please send invoices on your company letterhead and use the format for ease of processing.

The department must receive all park inspection reports for the communities listed on the invoice before invoices will be processed. Incorrect invoices or invoices with missing information will be returned and must be submitted with the current date once all items have been corrected.

Annual inspection reports can be sent to the department via mail, fax to 614-728-1200, or emailed to Reports need to be received within 10 days of the completion of the inspection.