DIC 1024 - Annual Approval Application Electrical, mechanical, gas, plumbing or piping alterations in existing buildings
Quarterly Approval Requirements Applications for inspections not requiring sealed plans
DIC 3009 - Preliminary Plan Review Application Application for plan review before project design stage
DIC 3016 - Building Plan Approval Application Application for building plan approval
DIC 3018 - Inspection Without Sealed Plans Application Application for inspection without sealed plans
DIC 3019 - Certificate of Occupancy Application Application for Certificate of Occupany
DIC 3104 - Backflow Tester Certification Application Application for Backflow Tester Certification
DIC 3105 - Health Department Plumbing Inspector Application Process Instructions Application instructions for health department plumbing inspector certification
DIC 3106 - Plumbing Inspector Certificate Renewal Application Renewal form for plumbing inspector certification
DIC 3221 - Building Demolition Application Application for demolition of a building
DIC 3301 - Health Departments Plumbing Inspector Certification Application Application for health department plumbing inspector certification


DIC-18-0017 - Hydraulic Safety Test Reports annual and 5-year hydraulic elevator safety tests result
DIC-18-0015 - Electric Elevator Five year and Annual Safety Test Reports annual and 5-year electric elevator safety tests results
DIC 18-0021 - Platform and Stairway Lifts Five Year and Annual Safety Test Reports annual and 5-year platform & stairway lifts safety tests result
DIC-18-0016 - Escalator Safety Test Form Reports annual safety test results
DIC-18-0001 - Elevator Installation and Alteration Permit Registers installation of new and altered elevator
DIC-4329 - Request for Inspection Requests an elevator field inspection (new, alteration, reinspection)
DIC-18-0008 - Request for Temporary Certificate of Operation Requests a temporary certificate of operation
DIC-18-0004 - Change of Address Form Change billing or own address
DIC-18-0014 - Request for Extension Grants more time to address violations
DIC-18-0009 - Elevator Adjudication Order Requests an elevator adjudication order (variance)
DIC-18-0005 - Accident Report Reports an elevator accident
DIC-18-0002 - Hydraulic Elevator Oil Log Maintenance record for hydraulic oil use
DIC-18-0012 - Monthly Elevator Firefighters Operation Service Log Firefighters service log sheet
DIC 18-0003 - Properly Removing an Elevator or Escalator From Service Reports the removal of elevator device
Elevator Fees Associated elevator fees
DIC 18-0006 - Ohio Elevator Code Adoption Dates Ohio Elevator Code adoption dates
Elevator Pre-Inspection/Violation Check List Common violations for new and altered elevators


DIC 4300 - Boiler-Fired Pressure Vessel Report of Inspection Reports Boilers inspection results
DIC 4302 - Report of Welder Repair/Alteration Reports Boiler Welding Repair
DIC 4306 - Boiler Data Report - First Internal Inspection Notifies DIC of boiler first inspection
DIC 4319 - Boiler Contractor Registration Application Registers a boiler contractor
DIC 4320 - Installation or Major Boiler Repair Application Notifies DIC of major boiler repair


DIC 1022 - Application for Steam Engineers/Boiler Operators Exam Registration for Steam Engineer/Boiler Operator Exam
DIC 4316 - Application for Boiler Inspector Exam Registration for Boiler Inspector Exam


ODOC 052004 - Sanitation Log Used by businesses to log sanitized items
ODOC 4003 - Bedding, Upholstered Furniture & Stuffed Toys Annual License Application Application for a business license


DIC 1001 - New Passenger Tram Registration Installation registration form
DIC 1002 - Safety Complaint Form Safety violation submission form
DIC 1006 - Schedule of Tramway Inspection Inspection notification from


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