Licensed brokers & agents are required to know more & more every day. The Division of Real Estate provides forms & documents to help licensees comply with license law, & best of all, it’s free! The links below will allow you to print out a copy of the forms & sections of Ohio Real Estate Law that you may need to stay in compliance.

Agency Agreements [Listing/Buyer Agency Agreements]

Fair Housing Language
Requirements; R.C. 4735.55 & Rule 1301:5-6-04

Company Policies Required

Agency; R.C. 4735.56 & Rule 1301:5-6-05
Brokerage; R.C. 4735.54 & Rule 1301:5-6-03
Model Consumer Guides To Agency Relationships [Agency Policies For Brokerage]

Agency Disclosure

Exceptions; R.C. 4735.58(D)
Modification Of Statement Prohibited; Rule 1301:5-6-06(C)
State-Mandated Agency Disclosure Statement
What It Is/How To Use It; R.C. 4735.57
When Must Be Presented To Client; R.C. 4735.58 & Rule 1301:5-6-06

Who Is A Dual Agent?

Conditions For Participation In Dual Agency; R.C. 4735.71
Definition; R.C. 4735.70

Brokerage Trust Account

Handling Of Trust Funds; Rule 1301:5-5-08
Maintaining Trust Account Records; Rule 1301:5-5-09
Requirement To Maintain; R.C. 4735.18(A)(26)
Sample Columnar Ledger For Brokerage

Property Management Trust Account

Property Management Accounts; Rule 1301:5-5-23
Requirement To Maintain; R.C. 4735.18(A)(27)
Sample Columnar Ledger For Property Management
Separate From Other Trust Accounts; Rule 1301:5-5-11

Payment Of Commissions

Commercial Co-Broker Exemption; R.C. 4735.022
Referral Fees; R.C. 4735.20(B) & Rule 1301:5-5-06
Sample Operating Account Ledger For Payment Of Commissions To Unlicensed Entities
To Third Party Creditors Of Affiliated Licensee Prohibited; R.C. 4735.20(F)
To Unlicensed Corporation Of Affiliated Licensee; R.C. 4735.20(C)
To Unlicensed Person Or Entity Prohibited; R.C. 4735.20(A) & R.C. 4735.18(A)(11)Undisclosed Commissions Prohibited; R.C. 4735.18(A)(13)

Transactional Records

Requirement To Maintain For Three Years; R.C. 4735.18(A)(24)

Brokerage Compliance Guides

Trust Account Inspection Guide
Brokerage Audit Guide
Operating Account Audit Guide

General Office Forms & Resources

Agency Disclosure Statement
Change Application - Business
Change Application - Individual
Fair Housing Poster Home Buyers Guide
Multiple License Transfer Application
Residential Property Disclosure Form

Thank you for reviewing this information. We hope it is helpful to you & your brokerage. If you need more information or have any questions please contact the Division’s Enforcement section at 614-466-4100.


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